We met this past Saturday when you did a reading for me and my sister. I wanted to personally thank you for the messages you delivered to me. While every day is a bit of a battle for me after losing my dad, I keep hearing your words. I can actually hear him in my head saying your exact words every time I’m feeling down. Your gift is such an amazing blessing, and I am so thankful that our paths crossed. You’ve given me validation that my father can always hear when I’m talking to him and a wave of peace that I truly needed. Words can not thank you enough for that. May God bless you and your journey. I look forward to seeing you again next time you’re in NY/NJ!



Dear Ira

I wanted to tell you how blessed I feel that I met you today. Words cannot convey how beautiful your heart and soul is. Your words are true and correct, your enthusiasm and commitment to helping others with your psychic abilities are first class. Thank you for confirming to me all that I needed to know.
Words that come to mind integrity and honour.
Thank you with love and blessings
Wendy xx

I thoroughly enjoyed your reading and I must say you were spot on with
you said. I was happy to hear Lloyd (my deceased brother) is still around
me, even
though I did sense that myself. You have given me a very positive outlook
for the next
few years, even though I am a positive thinker, it’s nice to hear it from
someone that
has a gift such as yours. I will definitely be telling people about you and
send some
more your way. I think you are quite amazing and a lovely genuine person to
I am still fascinated at the psychic power you have and am now a genuine
You can easily convert the disbelievers.
Hope all goes well for you and I am sure we will meet again one day down the
I very much enjoyed the reading and helped me with dad’s health issues and
what to expect
even though I think I knew what you told me all along.
Thanks again Ira and keep well, happy reading……………..regards Vicki x

Hi Ira
I recently had a reading by Ira and was blown away by his accuracy in picking up many things in my life about me, my family and even the day and month of my birth. It was an amazing feeling having my grandmother acknowledge my birthday coming up soon as I have missed her a great deal. Ira is one of the most down to earth and gorgeous souls iv ever met. He is such a laid back and generous soul and you walk away feeling like you have known him your whole life. He has given me a sense of comfort with questions I needed answers to. I can not recommend Ira highly enough. If he pops up in town near, do not hesitate to get a reading from him. Thank you so much Ira for the honour and privilege of connecting with you. Much love and blessings always. Lids x


Hi Ira,
Sorry it’s taken me so long to say it, but thank you once again for my reading a few weeks ago, I came away with my questions answered and more. I am at peace now after my Mum came through and told me that she loved me, that in itself was enough let alone how I am still amazed at all the things you knew and how you hit the nail on the head with every aspect of my life and the people in it! You have a beautiful gift and I’m am glad to have had the opportunity to meet you.
Thanks again
Mel x


Hi Ira

I just wanted to let you know how amazing and inspired I have felt since having my reading with you.

I have had many readings in the past, all of which were nice and a little bit generic in style. But you have a uniqueness about you that is refreshing. I am quite open minded and spiritual in my outlook on life already, but your reading has in fact cemented a lot for me with regards to any skepticism I may have had in the past and I feel excited and overwhelmed with the accuracy of your reading.

What you mentioned about my past and present was very accurate, but picking up on my father’s passing, and the accuracy of your description of his personality and passing, made me teary. Unless you know my father, or me very well, you would not know the things you spoke about.

Discussions about my future are another kettle of fish. In the past I have walked away from readings with other people, wondering how accurate they were or if it would happen. With you, the discussions about my short and a little bit longer term events, were exciting and some of the short term events you said were going to happen have already taken place! Two days after the fact! The words you used were almost exactly the same as when the event took place. Amazing!

I am very excited about seeing the rest come to fruition and about the possibilities of many things.

A very long email, but I am extremely grateful for having met you and all that may unfold in the not too distant future.

If you are ever back in Brisbane, I will definitely come and see you again, I have also directed people to your page so they can be inspired like I.

Lots of love and light


My verdict on my reading with Ira……
Where to start ?? I had a private reading with Ira on the 21st of September 2014. ( thanx sissy xx) From the moment I met him I felt like I had known him all my life, he is just such a beautiful soul. My reading…… OMG !!! This gorgeous young man knew nothing about me yet he channeled thru my guides and within 2 days specific dates he had mentioned happened ( and i am saying to the exact date)
I am a sceptic about psychics to a point but I truely believe there r people out there that have a gift and I have no doubts in my mind that Ira is blessed with this ( although how exhausting it must be )
Ira has brought me a certain amount of peace in my struggles with my here and now. He was so spot on with so many things we touched base on.
Ira, i so heart u……. Thank u so much, u r a really amazing person & I am so “bloody” grateful to hav met u.
Tini xxxxxx


I just needed to say: words can not express how much spending an hour with you today meant to me, no one has ever made me feel as comfortable and secure as you did today it feels like I’ve known you forever yet I’ve waited to meet you all my life.

Something made me switch the radio on that morning, right at the moment you began to speak I knew somehow someway I needed to meet you and today I am so grateful that I did.

You are an amazing person not because of your gift, and although you are beyond amazing …… you are without a doubt a very very special soul.

As I sit here writing this to you I can not help but cry happy tears, that today I meet someone I will call a friend for life! And I hope in the years to come that you will be in my life to see me truly smile with happiness.

My heart aches for things I have wished for all my life, and as hard as it is to accept that maybe my journey is not to have the one thing I always wanted. I now have the peace of mind that whatever happens there is a silver lining out there for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mum and I will be sharing your details of your up coming show with everyone today, the greatest gift I can give you in thanks for being you is to support you in your journey, because everyone deserves alittle Ira!!!
Much Love
Silv xxx