About Ira

My focus is to put my spiritual knowledge into a clear format that is easy for you to understand, so it may be introduced into your daily life.

What I share with you is obtained through a fortunate up bringing I have had this life, which sees me dealing with spirits and guides.

Since I was a very young child I’ve had a gift that’s enabled me to see and speak to spirits. I was also blessed to have a grandmother who was Queensland’s first ordained female spiritualist minister and an amazing clairvoyant and indirect voice medium of international standard, I had my mother, her talented daughter who has been my light teacher and guidance honed from her quiet sharing of clairvoyant advice to many around the planet.

Having these factors combined I have been sitting in circles and communicating to spirits from a very early age whilst developing myself along the way.

From the ages of fourteen to nineteen I was an international psychic being flown around the world to share my gift and at sixteen I was performing live overhead readings and live circles to audiences. I took a break from it all at the age of twenty and moved to Melbourne and spent seven years experiencing life and all that it had to offer. At twenty-seven I was ready to get back to what I am here for, and that is sharing my gift whilst helping all I can understand their spiritual journey whilst bringing peace within so this may be introduced to the world.

This gift sees me working nationally and internationally and you can also hear me on FM radio stations across Australia. Additionally, I make public appearances within my national tours, as well as conduct talks and workshops, live shows plus I write a psychic column.