Psychic readings

IMG_5417One of the ways I work with clients is through a one on one consultation.  In these private sessions, I communicate with your personal guides and passed loved ones to bring you special messages, guidance, clarity, joy and reassurance.  In our session I will talk about your past and present in order to build trust and guidance between us.  The reading will cover a number of aspects of your life including, career, love and romance, health, relationship, travel, family and finance.

My sessions run for approximately forty-five minutes to one hour in duration and can be done in person, or via Skype.  Additionally I can provide a guidance response via email. In face to face or Skype sessions you will have the opportunity to record your sessions.


When things get out of control, you want to know why they happen the way they do and you seek answers. You need guidance in your life just like anyone else but you know this guidance needs to come from a reliable source which will help you get to the next step in your life be it your relationship, family, your work or finances. But you need help in a non traditional way, meaning via someone who can communicate with a passed loved one, spirits and guides. A person who can see what others can’t see and can give you the assurance you need to move on.

What if you find out that the right person is on the other side of the world? My name is Ira Israel,  I get in touch with people like you every day via Skype. I stopped limiting myself long time ago with just one on one live readings. Because energy knows no distance and time. If it did, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with your loved ones and with spirits. The flow of energy and the power of communication between you and me is the same. It flows through our words, our voices and our vibrations. Skype can be and is a powerful platform for you and me to connect wherever we are and whenever we want to. As long as there is complete honesty and open mindedness, open heartedness between you and me, I can help you find the answers to your questions.

I am a clairaudient psychic and I inherited this gift from my grandmother and my mother. Ever since I was a kid I traveled all over the world to provide readings and guidance for people like you, who seek answers. Unlike other psychics, I do not need to do palm reading or use tarot cards or anything else. I use my energy and communication skills to connect you with the right spirit that will provide the help you need. Your needs come first, and I listen to your questions carefully. I offer sessions between 45 minutes to 1 hour via Skype. Please feel free to contact me to schedule your next session and let me help you with my years of experience and with my psychic ability. When you are ready to accept the answers, I will be here, only one skype call away to talk to you.

My current psychic reading rates are as follows:

In person – $200 per reading.
Skype – $200 per reading.

Skype – 30 minute reading $100
Email – $20 per question answered.  []

Booking terms and conditions: all readings are non-refundable, and by booking a consultation you acknowledge that they are for the purpose of guidance and reassurance, and are not a replacement for professional or medical advice.

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