Profile photo of Ira IsraelHello, I’m Ira, and welcome to Eye Two Eye.

I was born with the same gift my mother and grandmother were born with.  I am a professional psychic and I work with people across Australia and throughout the world.

My ability allows me to connect with your personal spirit guides and passed loved ones, and I’m able to offer guidance, reassurance along with personal messages and a positive outlook on life through the spirits I am able to connect with.

Throughout this site you may find out more about me, my readings as well as my tour schedule and public appearance dates.  Some of my clients also find it helpful to read testimonials other clients have left, to learn more about the work that I do.

I really look forward to meeting you.

Much love and light,

Testimonial from a client of why you should book your Psychic reading in today and what a reading with me consists of.