Ira live / Tour dates

2020- Below are travel dates which show you where I will be through-out this year so you may book in advance for a private one on one reading/ workshop or arrange tickets for a live show.

All national and international Skype readings can be booked at any stage as this is not subject to travel dates.

To make a booking for a private or Skype reading, email your interest to –

Waiting lists are always contacted before I travel and are given first opportunity at making a booking on each tour.

There are currently no travel dates as I will not be traveling until the corona virus has come to a halt.

All psychic readings will be held online via Skype or FaceTime at half price.

I have 3 sessions to choose from –

30 minute online  psychic reading – $50

45 minute online psychic reading – $75

One hour online psychic reading – $100

To make a booking email me via –